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No matter what …

With arms around

I clung to you

No matter what

My love was bad, yes I know,

but it was true yeah

No matter what.

With eyes closed, blindfolded

I followed you

No matter what.

I was scared, so unsure,

but I was with you

No matter what.

With love all around

I was happy

No matter what.

The demons kept haunting,

but I counted on you

No matter what.

I sang for you,

in those wee hours,

No matter what

I choked , I broke down,

but I lived for you

No matter what.

When hell broke loose,

I saw you there standing

No matter what.

I turned my back, walked away

But with you in my heart,

No matter what.


Moms are sweethearts .. yes we all know that !

She cares for her children like nobody else does. It’s said that she can smell it, when danger comes looking for her children !

Wait a minute ! But what happens .. when her sixth sense overpowers her sense of judgement and makes her obsessed about your safety !

Sighh ! One of the prime reasons of my mother’s woes n worries is me travelling. Every time I come up with this great plan to go out with friends, mom brings out some completely new n totally unheard reason of why I shouldn’t be travelling at all.

I hereby take this stand to enlist some of those reasons. I could even classify them in suitable groups. Hats off to mom’s versatility !


1. “No you shouldn’t be travelling on saturdays, you know you have this shani – dosha in your kundali

(So, if unfortunately my train is weekly and leaves on a saturday, theres no way I can visit that place for the rest of my life of course unless the Indian Rail Government takes pity on me and changes the time table)

2.“I am getting bad vibes”

(FYI- a bad vibe can vary from spotting a black cat in our backyard, hearing  a dog cry- doesn’t matter even if the poor thing has been crying in pain, or seeing the diya flame getting extinguished- absolutely forgetting that flames cannot withstand ceiling fans)


1. “It’s just two days left for Republic Day, do you think trains would be the safest place to be on such days”

(For my mom, every national holiday comes with an unsafe window of 48 hours)

2. “Are you kidding me? It has not been even a month since that naxalite attack”

(A little note to my friends- If you want me to visit your place, make sure you get in contact with the naxalites of your area- befriend them, convince them, BRIBE THEM if possible, so that they do not cause any mishap around my arrival)


Mom –  “What ?? You don’t want to miss Bunty’s marriage, do you ?”

Me –  “Bunty ? Whoever is he ?”

Mom – “Just so you know, Bunty is not a “he” and “she” happens to be the daughter of Sharma Aunty’s sister”

(Yeah, that’s right. Sharma aunty does have a huge role to play in my life)


Me – “Mom, can I go for a trip to Jammu with friends?”

Mom – “Did you just say JAMMU ?? Do you have any idea, how dangerous that route is – full of cliffs and bridges. Arent you aware of that accident where the train got derailed and fell off a bridge ?”

Me – ” MOM ! But that was in Karnataka ! “

Mom –  ” Karnataka or Jammu, a BRIDGE stays a BRIDGE !!!”


Sigh .. 8th of July !
A week more and I ll be adding another year to my stay on earth (Dont dare ask, how many have I already added  !!!) 😐
Back to the days when I was a kid, I reckon how waiting for my birthday used to be the sole reason to wait for the year to pass, how even the first signs of monsoons used to be the signs of that day’s arrival .. I used to ask mom, “why July seems to be the farthest month of the year?” , to which mom always had one answer, “because it’s the only month you wait for the most.”
Back then, that answer could never convince me. But now, I realize how true those words were.
Our whole lives, we keep waiting for everything to get perfect – The perfect time to start a project (nowadays even to deliver a baby), the perfect place to build a house, the  perfect alignment of our rooms so as to bring peace and prosperity, the perfect man to spend our life with .. We keep waiting but that perfection never seems to arrive. As a result, we end up being dis-satisfied.
However, again quoting my mom (yes, she has a huge impact on my thoughts), “perfection comes from within“.
There is no perfect time to start a project, because all it takes to be successful is our determination and sincerity. Likewise, a house cannot become a home unless there is love among the family and no alignment can bring prosperity and peace until the people forming the family work towards it … And the perfect man .. you do not wait for him, he just happens when he has to !
Don’t we all behave like kids ? Just the way his innocent mind keeps waiting for his birthday for the sole reason of the attention he would be getting on his day .. we, the grown ups, keep craving to grab that extra ounce of attention from everyone. We try our best to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Unfortunately, the ways we tend to adopt are more towards the materialistic end …
Ok, all this introspection is in noway a justification and hiding from the fact that I still wait for my birthday desperately, the way I used to. I still crave for all that pampering everyone (especially my dad) showers me with .. and yes, I still feel that the saddest day of the year is the day next to my birthday. All the limelight snatched overnight 😦
If only someone would empathize with me over this feeling .. Sigh
Ahh, I should postpone all this contemplation to later. For now, I would just sit back and wait for my day to kick in. 🙂
Till then,  Happy Birthday to all I share my birthday with  n Happy waiting for the rest of you! 😀
For the past one hour, I have been looking for some topic to write about. In fact I did find something, which made me jump
and login to my wordpress account. But, I dont know if it was the excitement of  starting a new blog, that made the topic ,
POOF ! vanish from my mind !
It really bugs  when you just “have to” remember that particular word or a name and WHAM ! its lost into the ocean of words
inside your mind.
For instance, my dad is solely dependent on my mom for remembering names and numbers ( which sadly include our 15 year old
house land line number). Mom, on the other hand is the database (IT guys, correct me if need be, I am still learning) , of
all the information you can possibly even think of jotting down in a 500 page-notebook. You can find anything, namely-
1) Names – of people from our fore-fathers to Sharma Aunty’s eloped bahu.
2) Location – of stuff of all kind like my dad’s socks, my brother’s long lost cricket bat- he suddenly found himself
affectionate about, my 3 year old pair of jeans etc …
3) Numbers – of our relatives and all the television shopping programmes.
I unfortunately happen to receive my dad’s genes for this matter. Contrary to my name ( which means “memories”) I find it
extremely difficult to memorize names, numbers and even location of some of the mighty important stuff like my high school
certificates.Well, hats off to the optimism mom has shown while giving me a name with such an assertive meaning ..
Unfortunately, optimism doesnt pay off every time …
So, I look at mom and wonder what is going to happen when my children come running to me and ask for a particular stuff to
look for. The thought itself leaves me shuddered considering the innumerous names, numbers and things I will be
expected to have memorized by then.
Bet it’s gonna be way tougher than expecting the baby … 😥

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